[Chronicle] Teleportation Sickness

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Teleportation Sickness

Standing still, the mektoub was patiently waiting. It knew from experience just how long its mistress could remain in this place, almost motionless, letting only a sweet melody with soothing powers slip through her lips.
As I watched the mount, lulled by the Zoraï's chant, I too was half hypnotized by the surreal lights sparking from the magnificent white and orange temple interwined with harmonious roots, whose delicate and majestic summit seemed to reach for the sky.
It was the first of the Dynastic Healer's outings since her bed confinement a few weeks before and Tao Sian took advantage of the nice spring morning during the second cycle of Folially of the year 2574, to walk to Zora's temple. I, her young scribe, took care in escorting her and quietly watched her in her still fragile health. As I sat there, not far from her mount, dozing off to the wispering of her gentle voice...

"Ochi Kami no!" The male voice startled me!

Opening my eyes I saw a tall figure, coming from I do not know where, praying next to the Healer.

"Ochi Kami no!" echoed Tao Sian, following with a respectful, "Kamia'ata, Sage Sens."

Without thinking, I took my writing kit upon my knees, and began to write down the conversation as accurately as possible.

"Ata'Kami, Tao. How are you feeling?"

"By the grace of the Kamis, I'm feeling better. But having to undergo several teleportations in so little time, when even a single one makes me sick for several days... I hope never to experience again such a thing. But I had no choice. The infected rangers, the ones from the Almati Woods Kitin lair, they needed my help! And they will need it again..."

I felt the anxiety in her voice and after a bit of hesitancy she added: "Why do the Kamis inflict me this trial every time? Am I not devoted enough?"

The Sage sat silent, his deep gaze seemed to probe the Dynastic Healer's soul. "Your question is both legitimate and filled with anxiety, Tao. I could give you an answer but the answer would not be yours. It is important that you seek the answer yourself. Question yourself, Tao. You have perfected your healing skill but yet you do not know how to heal yourself."

Tao Sian sighed, "By Kami, I need the answer! I have tried to reason with myself to overcome my fear of teleportation as I went to treat the Goo contaminated Rangers; it was my duty as a healer. But look where it led me! Many weeks of headaches and irritability to everything around me. Dare I look homins in the eyes? What of the Rangers?"

It was then that Sage Sens placed a soothing hand on Tao's shoulder, "Do not close your heart, Tao. Homins know your value and trust you, trust them in return."

With these wisdom filled words, the Sage turned and quitely left Tao Sian to her meditations.

Excerpt from Volume 1, "In the Shadow of Tao Sian", written in the winter of 2574 by the scribe Kuangi Wu Shi. Available in the public library of the Temple of Knowledge.


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