[All] Reconstruction of the Kitin Observation Camps

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The young pearl diver looked over to the large mound of fresh soil mixed with debris of broken bark on the close-by island, her heart full of anger. Again and again and again! Why couldn't they just leave us alone?! She clenched her fists. Well, if these bloody bugs wanted trouble, they would get trouble! She remembered the Second Swarm well, even though she had been much younger. Too young to fight, her older brother had said to her. But if they attacked this time no one would keep her from kicking some Kitin ass! She looked at the Lor-Lopper Axe in her pack. Well, maybe with a little help.

Ba'Doppy Aemie's gaze wandered again to the Kitin mound on the neighboring island. Was it just imagination or could she really feel the bark tremble beneath her feet? How many Kitins were digging their way through the ground at the very moment she was here, staying hidden behind a small but dense bamboo thicket? With that thought her heart pounded and she shivered in dread.

Maybe her uncle was right. He often told her about the Kitin observation camps he had helped build in the 2540's. They had been manned by small groups of skilled fighters and had kept the Kitins in check for a long time, reporting to the capitals about the movement of Kitin forces. She had heard travelers reminiscing about these camps recently when she was selling her pearls on the market in Crystabell. They had really wanted to rebuild those camps!

She bit her lower lip. If they did ... maybe she could help somehow ... she wasn't a good digger but she was fast and strong and had learned how to sneak around Cloppers, Goaris and even small Kinchers! A cold chill ran down her spine as a big Kipucka sent his roar echoing across the waves. Slowly she crawled backwards from her hiding place and returned to Crystabell.

Only a few days later, the leaders of all four Nations of the homin peoples called for hominity to rebuild the camps once again.

(OOC: Dear Players,
Beginning on Tuesday, 1st October, you will have the possibility to rebuild the Kitin observation camps again. For each country there is a central building camp where you can get the missions for this event. Here are the locations of the building camps:

  • Fyros: Fourways, west of Pyr (Imperial Dunes)
  • Matis: Southeast of the Matis Arena (Majestic Garden)
  • Tryker: South of Greenvale Trading post, west of Fairhaven (Liberty Lake)
  • Zorai: West of Still Waters (Cities of Intuition)

In these central camps you can accept different missions for the six construction sites. This includes both collecting mission materials and transporting them to where they are needed. Please be aware that the sites where you can find the materials may not be safe for lone harvesters. It is recommended to go there in groups.
The missions will reward you with Civilization Faction Points.)


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