New years poem, 2010

Added by Drakfot over 8 years ago

For what is lost we shed a tear
For all new to come we cheer
Time has passed as we count a year
For the one to come we hold dear

With friends and beloved it was full
With such company it could never be dull
Many laughs and abundance of joy
Happiness larger like a child with a new toy

Dear beloved and dear friends
I thank you all for another year on the planet that never ends
Dear Homins, everyone!, you made it all so fun
You truly my heart won

I raise my glass and cheer you all
You make this Trykerette proud and tall
Together you all hold something dear
Here is all the best wishes for the brand new year!



RE: New years poem, 2010 - Added by Arcueid over 8 years ago

Thank you very much and best wishes to you too!