Taliari Assembly Notes Tria, Medis 27, 4th AC 2553(JY)

Added by Roggan Adgan over 8 years ago

A Taliari assembly was held on Tria, Medis 27, 4th AC 2553(JY) at 3h and was attended by: Prime Taliar - Shaley Nara; Guardians of Jena Representative - Delerec; Ballistic Mystix Taliar - Inifuss


1. Tryker Initative - Phase 1
  • Permanent fireworks vendor.
  • Citizen "welcoming gift" for new citizens with items to decorate their apartment.
  • Shaley suggested that Padger O'Toogh come to the next assembly.
  • Festival/Sporting Event
2. Fairhaven Faire
  • It was discussed that the faires be held approximately every other cycle.
  • No date was set for the next faire.
3. Prime Taliar
  • Shaley Nara will remain Prime Taliar for an additional meeting.
  • It was asked if a High Officer could stand in as Prime Taliar in the absence of the Guild Leader. Shaley will check with Vice-Governor Rhen.

The next assembly will be held Quarta, Winderly 28, 4th AC 2555(JY) at 4h*.

[*] Saturday, 5 March @ 22:00 GMT