Water Woes - UPDATE

Added by Stories of Atys over 10 years ago

As reported by Bresky Mac'Naroy, 31 packers with 410 available bulk are needed to transport all the prepared barrels. Per the request of the Taliari, the caravan will leave from the Fairhaven stables and then proceed to the non-disclosed pick up point for distribution. To allow proper time for distribution, the caravan should leave Fairhaven no later than 7h Dua, Frutor 2, 1st AC 2551(JY)*.

The caravan is to leave promptly at 13h on Tria, Frutor 3, 1st AC 2551(JY)**, as originally scheduled.

[*] Sunday, 6, June 17:30 GMT
[**] Sunday, 6 June 19:00 GMT

Warning: This journey is not without risks for your animals. There will be no reimbursement for lost packers or equipment.