Call of the Dagger 2551

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The Town crier, appointed by Emperor Dexton himself, shouted at the top of his lungs in the city streets of Pyr:

Oren Pyr, Fyros!

Light and warmth are on the Empire! By imperial order, the date of the next elections of Akenak has been determined! They will be held from Tria, Pluvia 21, 3rd AC 2551(JY) until Prima, Nivia 1, 3rd AC 2551(JY)*! All Fyros Patriot candidates must respect the tradition of the Dagger!

Spread the word, my brothers, Akenak campaigns are now open and applications will be taken by a senator at regular intervals!

Glory to the People, glory to Emperor Dexton!

Thus he continued shouting himself hoarse, in accordance with his duty of town crier, while distributing posters on which were recorded the rules of nomination and election:

Applicants should make daggers to give to Fyros citizens, which are then given on the day of the vote to the officials in charge of the elections! The campaigns are open for the Akenak!

[*] Applications accepted from Friday 2 July at 18:00 GMT until Friday 16 July at 18:00 GMT. Daggers will then be collected from 16 July at 18:00 GMT until Sunday 18 July at 18:00 GMT. An official will be at the Agora in Pyr to receive applications and daggers at regular intervals.


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