2551 Akenak Elections Results

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Senator Dios Apotheps announced the results of the elections with a hint of pride. The Emperor could be proud of his people.

Empire of the Burning Desert

At this year's elections Jena 2551, two Patriots voted according to the ancient tradition of The Dagger, and chose their Akenak. The fourth session of Akenak will meet on Quarta, Germinally 4, 4th AC 2551(JY) * at 20h in the Imperial Palace. Prince Lykos will oversee the inauguration and Senator Dios will discuss formalities of the office.

To serve as Akenak of the Empire for a term of one Jena year, Emperor Dexton calls:
Thedon Garus

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

[*] Wednesday, 21 July 23:00


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Now is the time to invade the Burning Desert! Only two Patriots left and the Akenak is infiltrated by a Tryker!

evil smile

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you can't, Arcueid. That Tryker is a traitor and TI member, your guild has sold out the Taliar to TI and their kami overlords.

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