Burning Desert Excavations

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Foragers and care planners of Ayts! Your expertise is needed in the Burning Desert!

The Pyr scholars have determined that an over abundance of resources in Oflovak's Oasis and the Frahar Towers has polluted the water and caused the explosion of the frahar population. In a joint effort between the Akenak and the Barkers an excavation expedition has been organized for Quinteth, Fallenor 11, 4th AC at 8h*. All homins are invited to help. Diggers, care planners and general guard teams are welcome. Meeting place is at the Northlake Farm Tower in Oflovak's Oasis.

Once the resources are reduced in sufficient amounts, homins will be asked to help reduce the frahar population.

[*] Sunday 1 August @ 19:00 GMT
and Monday 2 August @ 02:00 GMT


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