Scream of Terror

Ryzom invites you to celebrate Halloween on Atys; 3O and 31 October.
Added by anarkia almost 12 years ago

Are you scared of the Boogieman? Have you ever been scared out of your mind watchng "A Nightmare on Elm Street"? Have you ever had nightmares when you were little, waking up shaking and covered in sweat?


Well, you aint seen nothing yet!

To celebrate Halloween this year, Ryzom invites you on 30 and 31 October, to tremble with fear while suffering the wrath of the Souleaters, who are out to ruin your life. Find them and kill them before they do the same to you.

On 31 October, at 19:00 GMT, three special King bosses will lead the scourge of legend that makes your nightmares real.

Whill you be strong enough to stand up and fight them untill victorious?

NB : These events are out of character and have no influence on daily roleplay of Ryzom


Added by Arcueid almost 12 years ago

Sounds exciting! I whill be watchng!

Added by Marelli almost 12 years ago

Summaries and screenshots of the Halloween events at :)