Peaceful Resolutions

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Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying your retirement in the Burning Desert. The Lakes are as beautiful as ever and, as usual, I can be found enjoying the sunsets with my dearest at one of the many waterfalls.

I had hoped to propose to my love this past Atysmas. Unfortunately, the disturbance between two tribes has left my mercantile business in a bit of a shambles and I have not been able to procure the dappers or resources needed to obtain the engagement ring she fancies.

I will be returning to Fairhaven to purchase some new packers and go through my remaining storage to see if there is anything I can salvage. I fear that it will all be for nothing if the situation between the rival tribes is not sorted out quickly. I think I will ask for help of the homins I meet in Fairhaven upon my return. *

Your loving son,
Ba'Tylos Eoffer

[*] Sunday, 9 January at 20:00 GMT


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After reading the letter to the mother I remember my mother. This was a very heart touch letter. The letter respects the love of a son to his mother.
Hostsailor Thank you so much for sharing this letter with me and making me happy.

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Aw !!! So sweet of you. This is a cute letter. The mom can proud of her daughter. And she is so lucky to have a daughter like her. I love to read your letters. This is so heart touching. </a> [cbd for pain](

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