A Turn of the Head

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Oren Pyr, Patriots.

It is with deepest urgency and respect that I call on you to attend a most important event this day. The very roots of the Empire have been shaken and we fear for the worst. Though all hope is not lost we must act to assure the future of the Fyros Nation. The most esteemed wife of sharükos, sharükos Xania, beseeches the Senate to assemble once more and in unity attend to the rites. In unity, she beseeches the citizens of the Fyros Nation to attend the assemblage at the Agora in Pyr on Tria, Fallenor 27, 2nd AC 2554(JY)* and bear witness to these rites. For only in unity can we stand strong and weather this storm in these ominous times.

Cal i Akash!
Dios Apotheps

[*] Saturday, 29 January at 19:00 GMT


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