The Flowering Period

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Matis Subjects and Followers of the Karavan,

Under authorization of Queen Lea Lenardi, the Queens Court will be accepting petitions for the future bride of the esteemed Prince Stevano. Petitions will be taken at the tournament at the Matis Arena scheduled on Germinally, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[*]. The tournament will be overseen by the Matis Nobles and is open to all Vassals and Karavan followers both homin and homine.

A ball will be sponsored in honor of Karan and the Prince, before the Rotoa near Avalae. This event will showcase the beauty and elegance of the supreme Matis refinement and will entail a dance contest. To assure that all petitioners, chaperones, Subjects and interested guests are properly educated in ballroom decorum, Queen Lea has instructed her court to hold a course on Folially, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[**] with the ball to be held on Harvestor, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[#] and is open to any Matis Vassal as well as all of the Karavan.

In addition, a competition for Matis Subjects or followers of the Karavan designers will also be held on Mystia, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[$]. Designers are asked to make ensembles for a bride and/or groom befitting the Royal family. The winning designs must be of q10 and contain no less than two forest pattern pieces. Designers must furnish their own models for the fashion show. The two best designed, determined by the Court, will be declared the winners and their designs will be worn on the wedding day of Prince Stevano and each will earn a VIP seating at the Royal wedding as well as a design knitted by the Queen herself.

The final selection for the Karin's bride will be made on Nivia, 3rd AC 2554(JY)[$$] after a demonstration of vocal expression composed by each candidate for Princess. After the choice of Princess has been determined a Royal wedding will be planned.

Jena Ayie, Yrkanis Aye!

[*] Saturday, 5 February at 20:00 GMT
[**] Sunday, 6 February at 20:00 GMT
[#] Saturday, 12 February at 20:00 GMT
[$] Saturday, 19 February at 20:00 GMT
[$$] Sunday, 20 February at 20:00 GMT


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