2550 Akenak Election Results (5 comments)

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Senator Dios Apotheps announced the results of the elections with a hint of pride. The Emperor could be proud of his people.

Empire of the Burning Desert

At this year's elections Jena 2550, the Patriots voted according to the ancient tradition of The Dagger, and chose their Akenak.
On Tria, Winderly 15, 4th AC 2550(JY) Emperor Dexton and Prince Lykos oversaw the inauguration.

To serve as Akenak for the Empire for a term of one Jena year, Emperor Dexton calls:
Thedon Garus

Truth! Honor! Discipline! Justice!

Call of the Dagger 2550 (57 comments)

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The Town crier, appointed by Emperor Dexton himself, shouted at the top of his lungs in the city streets of Pyr:

Oren Pyr, Fyros!

Light and warmth are on the Empire! By imperial order, the date of the next elections of Akenak has been determined! They will be held from Quarta, Nivia 4, 3rd AC 2550(JY) until Dua, Winderly 14, 4th AC 2550(JY)*! All Fyros Patriot candidates must respect the tradition of the Dagger!

Spread the word, my brothers, Akenak campaigns are now open and applications will be taken by a senator at regular intervals!

Glory to the People, glory to Emperor Dexton!

Thus he continued shouting himself hoarse, in accordance with his duty of town crier, while distributing posters on which were recorded the rules of nomination and election:

Applicants should make daggers to give to Fyros citizens, which are then given on the day of the vote to the officials in charge of the elections! The campaigns are open for the Akenak!

[*] Applications accepted from Friday 23 April at 18:00 GMT until Friday 7 May at 18:00 GMT. Daggers will then be collected from 7 May at 18:00 GMT until Sunday 9 May at 18:00 GMT. An official will be at the Agora in Pyr to receive applications and daggers at regular intervals.

Pothole Drama (10 comments)

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PYR, Burning Desert - Posters have recently been placed around Pyr by Kaxie Mekops, local bath hostess, regarding the condition of the roads in the Imperial Dunes. When asked about it, Kaxie gave the following statement:

"I can't believe the state of the roads around here! I was traveling back home to see my mom and fell into a hole in the road! My arm will heal but the roads are a hazard to all homins that travel them. Something must be done and quickly!"

Kaxie will attend the next Akenak assembly* to see if the Akenak are willing to take measures. Our reporter has a feeling that she plans to take the matter into her own hands if she is not satisfied**.

The Pyr Pyre, Quinteth, Germinally 5, 3rd AC 2550(JY)

[*] Saturday 24 April 19:00 GMT
[**] Sunday 25 April 19:00 GMT

Botanical Excursion - Aeden Aqueous (11 comments)

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Cuiccio Perinia, the renowned Matisian botanic and historian will present an informative excursion through Aeden Aqueous with interested homins. The target of the excursion is to show the unique flora of the Lakes to the inclined listener.

Meeting point is 11h Prima, Mystia 1, 2nd AC 2550(JY)*, near the stables of Fairhaven. We hope that many will take the opportunity to learn about the amazing flora of the lakes.

Swim attire is advised.

Royal Botanical Institute,
Yasson district, Yrkanis

[*] Sunday 18 April 02:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT

Continued Investigations (2 comments)

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As investigations continue in the Witherings, Chan Ji-Cian invites homins that would like to assist to gather at the stables in Min-Cho on Quinteth, Pluvia 5, 1st AC 2550 (JY)* at 22h.

[*] Sunday, 28 March at 19:00 GMT

Translation Needed (5 comments)

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Homins with information decoding the above list should contact Chan Ji-Cian at the Temple Hall in Zora. If Chan Ji-Cian is unavailable, please leave a message here and he will contact you when he returns.

Forbidden Love (246 comments)

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Chan Ji-Cian has information regarding the investigation of the missing Zoraï female, Kini Fo-Mio, and will disclose the information with those interested in aiding the investigation on Holeth, Nivia 6, 4th AC 2549 (JY)* at 2h at the main gate of Jen-Laï.

[*] Sunday, 14 March at 19:00 GMT

MISSING: (60 comments)

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Kini Fo-Mio

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this missing homin, please contact Chan Ji-Cian.

Name: Kini Fo-Mio
Race: Zoraï
Hair Color: Purple
Height: Approximately 2.10m
Tattoo: Butterfly Blue
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Female
Last Seen: At her parent's home in Jen-Laï.

Kini's parents are pleading with anyone who may know anything about her disappearance, her whereabouts, or her fate to contact the Zoraï authorities in Zora.

Amber Cube of Nung Horongi (239 comments)

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The analysis of the amber cube fragments of the traitor Nung Horongi found in the Witherings follows:


My studies about our land are just concluded and I am glad about my return. I have summarized my knowledge about the amber cube but have decided to break it in ten parts so no one else but you can acquire it. Nine fragments will be sent via my agents while I deliver the last myself.

The Goo has two effects. To the one it works on all natural materials and accelerates their decay. This effect is recycling. Indeed, are there other ways to accelerate the decay of natural materials than the use of Goo. However, the Goo also reacts very violently with all magic, regardless of the distance. In particular where the magic of the Kamis is concerned. Because the magic was spread by the Kamis on Atys, it is basically the side effect which expresses itself in the end. The process of this disintegration is much slower and is partial as this Goo spreads much more slowly.

If a Kami touches the Goo their behavior changes immediately. The Kami becomes becomes stripped of personality and will appear as an empty husk. However, if a Kami comes in contact with an excessive amount of Goo they do not survive. I have also observed how the Goo has strengthened in intense magical activities, but for it I have not yet found the reason.

Under the bark the Goo spreads quickly through the sap veins. There are many tendrils of the trees that are used by the Goo to spread quickly through the veins which are connected together.

On the surface it seems to make headway more slowly. It spreads over the air and infects slowly only to move in a very fast manner after pollution has begun. Infected animals serve only as conveyors and are not killed by the toxicity of the Goo. Indeed, the behavior is completely changed: they are very aggressive, strong and completely controlled by the Goo. The Homins of the new lands call these creatures 'bosses' and without realizing that these animals are struck by the Goo.

The Homins are not infected in the same way. The consequences seem to limit themselves to the confusion of the mind, a madness. Besides magic, Homins barely seem to corrupt the Goo. The reason for this difference, I think, is the origin of the energy used in the manipulation of magical, or so was seen in the observation of Muang. I have seen when he did not use his own energy reserves to manipulate magical forces a weak Goo was spontaneously generated and it was not corrupted by magic. On the contrary, when I observed his use of homin techniques Goo generation took place. More importantly, the combination of more complex magical spells, without being depleted, the Goo appeared and destroyed other magic objects for which it should have added power.

Perhaps you should have examined the Goo relationship further before you took his word on it.


Law of the Jungle (165 comments)

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The final amber cube fragment written by Nung the traitor has been located and analyzed. The Sage Chan Ji-Cian requests the presence of those interested in these findings to gather at the Temple Hall in Zora on Quarta, Harvestor 16, 4th AC 2549 (JY) at 3h*.

[*] Sunday, 7 March at 19:00 GMT

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