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h1. Intelligent Plants

p=. !plants.png!

|Cratcha| !cratcha.png!|A large fleshy-leaved plant able to pivot its flower full round thanks to a slender supple stem. When threatened the cratcha's single flower is thrust forth and spits a deadly poisonous substance. Movement of its pistils gives indication of imminent attack. Mostly found *in jungle and forest areas, rare in desert areas*.|
|Jubla| !jubla.png!|A massive, elegantly shaped plant measuring up to 10 meters in height which reaches out midway into leafy branches. The reproductive organ is situated at the top of the plant which flowers into brightly colored tufts. The jubla is a peaceful plant, though if menaced, a series of orifices situated at approximately one meter from the ground around the bulbous base are thrust out on fleshy stems projecting large seeds at the aggressor. The jubla grows *in the Prime Roots of Atys.*|
|Psykopla| !psykopla.png!|Of the family of Psychic plants, the psykopla's short stem is surmounted by a large bulbous head which changes color when pulsating. It has been said that the psykopla is able to direct psychic waves onto a prey to gain control of its psyche. The victim then becomes devoted to the plant and acts on its behalf in the protection of its habitat. This is, however, yet to be proved. The psykopla occurs mainly *in forest and jungle regions* it being slightly bigger in the latter environment.|
|Shooki| !shooki.png!|A slender stemmed plant with large palmate leaves found in arid desert areas where it takes on the predominant color of the surrounding landscape. The cup-shaped flower secretes nectar sought after by insects who are invited to tranquilly feed in swarms while the petals close in on them so offering protection. If menaced the shooki will thrust forth its flower heads releasing the swarm of insects, thus the two entities form a lethal symbiosis. The Shooki grows *in the desert.*|
|Slaveni| !slaveni.png!|A predatory plant with a spring-like stem and long slender leaves. The stem twists up and down so unfurling the leaves which are edged with tiny lacerating teeth. The slaveni occurs mostly *in jungle and forest regions*, though rare specimens have been noted in desert regions.|
|Stinga| !stinga.png!|An aquatic plant with a spongy stem whose long tubular outgrowths are capable of emitting a painful electric charge. Two varieties have been recorded, the first can be found on the edge of lakes, the second on the lake bed, the former being distinguished physically by its brighter colors. The stinga, like all intelligent plants, will not attack homins unless menaced, in which it uses its electric organs to send out an powerful charge that will slow down the aggressor. It grows only *in the lakes region.*| lake area.*|